Van Gool Elburg was formed in 2004 when Van Gool & Partners and Joseph Elburg Makelaars – two Amsterdam-based real estate agencies − merged.

Van Gool & Partners was founded in 1984 by Jan van Gool and Phil van der Stam and took up office at the WTC in Amsterdam. In the years that followed, Van Gool & Partners developed into a strong player in the Dutch and international investment market. Van Gool & Partners stood out by advising a number of (international) corporate users such as KPMG, DAS-Rechtsbijstand, ICS (International Card Services) and various law firms located at Amsterdam’s Zuidas business district.

Founded in 1976, Joseph Elburg Makelaars traditionally had a strong focus on the Amsterdam leasing market, clients being Dutch developers such as G&S Vastgoed and various pension funds with property in the Amsterdam area.

The two companies were complementary to each other, which led to a merger aimed at providing even better advice across the spectrum of commercial real estate. In order to give employees at Van Gool Elburg the opportunity − at some stage − to become co-owners of the company, the firm’s basic principle has always been a partnership structure. In this manner, an effort is made to ensure continuity and seniority within the organisation, focus on long-term relationships and provide opportunities for young talent. In 2020, subsidiary VGE Real Estate Management B.V. was established to further expand our services.

The team

Our firm has over four decades of experience in commercial real estate. Our focus is on the long-term relationship. As a result of the partner structure that was introduced at the time Van Gool & Partners was founded − which was continued within Van Gool Elburg − there is little staff turnover within the firm, enabling us to build long-term relationships with our clients.

A healthy mix of seniority combined with young talent ensures that experience and knowledge remain within the organisation and continue to be built upon. The first 20 years of Van Gool & Partners’ existence was successful with a partner group of no more than five people, including founders Jan van Gool and Phil van der Stam.

Joseph Elburg Makelaars had a different structure with a sole shareholder, however, there was a permanent group of employees who were largely responsible for the commercial success of the agency. Job Neijzen, Paul van Zijll Langhout and Alexander Bicker eventually took over the shares of Joseph Elburg, before the merger with Van Gool & Partners. The merger created a partnership consisting of seven partners, as well as several associates.

Over the past few years, some changes have taken place within the firm, resulting in a five-person partnership consisting of Jaap van den Bos, Job Neijzen, Daniël Meijers, Ron van den Berge and Jan Boers. In the coming years, we expect the partnership to be enhanced further with experienced talent, thus guaranteeing the future of the firm and long-term relationships with clients.