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Van Gool Elburg’s services are divided into four separate but complementary categories: Letting, tenant representation, investments and research. In addition to these services, the subsidiary of Van Gool Elburg, VGE Real Estate Management, offers Real Estate Management. This page presents a brief summary of the services and how each one works. Under each service one or more projects are included in which Van Gool Elburg has been actively involved.

The key to our success lies in our direct engagement, our in-depth real estate knowhow, our healthy commercial instincts and our guaranteed discretion on every assignment.

Letting Van Gool Elburg

Project developers, (institutional) investors, businesses and organizations contract Van Gool Elburg to let their offices and commercial properties.

Because we deal with users of these spaces on a daily basis, we are more than familiar with the requirements that modern offices and commercial properties must meet. We are happy to contribute our knowhow even in the initial development stages of new projects. Our agency is often asked to get involved in the early stages of projects that are yet to be realized.

Tenant representation Van Gool Elburg

Renting business premises involves many complex aspects such as construction issues, legal questions, economic and commercial considerations and it calls for expert advice. A tenant representation assignment starts with a meticulous analysis of the client’s requirements and needs. We translate these into a Programme of Requirements (PoR) covering strategic, spatial and construction engineering issues. Based on the PoR we compile a carefully substantiated overview of possibilities, enabling the client to decide how to proceed with their business premises.

Investments Van Gool Elburg

Van Gool Elburg is specialised in realising (international) investment transactions. Such transactions can range from the purchase or sale of an individual investment object to complete real estate portfolios. The process of selling begins with a meticulous analysis of all aspects of the real estate in question, enabling us to provide the client with a complete and properly substantiated sales recommendation.

Member of

research Van Gool Elburg

The research department maintains an up-to-date real estate database in which they register all information about (price) developments and trends relating to offices, commercial spaces and investment transactions. This enables Van Gool Elburg to identify trends and developments at an early stage and incorporate them in recommendations to clients, who can subsequently respond accordingly and benefit optimally. Van Gool Elburg regularly compiles market reports and shares these reports on its website.

Real Estate Management VGE Real Estate Management

VGE Real Estate Management is a subsidiary of Van Gool Elburg Vastgoedspecialisten B.V. All of Van Gool Elburg’s partners are partners at VGE Real Estate Management as well, making up the foundation of the organisation together with Irina Rosier.



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