CitySwitch, the solution for emissive free last-mile logistics

Delta Development launches CitySwitch, a solution for emissive free last-mile logistics. The CitySwitch locations consist of multiple units of approximately 1,500 sq. m. warehouse and 260 sq. m. office each. The locations are flexibly designed, allowing multiple units to be combined if necessary.

Each location will have a spacious outdoor area for parking cars and buses. In addition, all sites will be equipped with an electric charging infrastructure.

The first CitySwitch locations will be realised in Groningen, Almere and Heerlen in the coming year. The ambition is to realise a network of around 25 locations in the vicinity of the top 30 cities in the Netherlands over the next three years.

Van Gool Elburg is involved as commercial project consultant in the leasing of all CitySwitch locations.

Interested? Visit www.cityswitch.nlfor more information or contact our office on 020 664 85 85.